LEGO Subaru Impreza 22B STi Instructions. This model represents Japan/UK spec 22B STi with steering wheel on right side (that can be changed easily if needed). Although 22B STi is wide body model in my version it looks like standard width Impreza. When adding 1 extra stud wide wheel arches, it looked too wide (more like wide body race car), so I decided to better stay in normal width. One other solution (in theory) would be to use half stud wide arches (like I did with my Pikes Peak Audi Quattro and S1 Audi Quattro). The problem with this this technique is that it would be very difficult to achieve structural stability and also it would probably not allow opening hood.

Everything opens on this model – hood, doors and trunk.  I’m not very good with engines, so engine is not very detailed, if you are good with engines, you will probably want to modify it to be more realistic.

Because its 22B, it needed to have gold wheels, so I used parts 56145 (wheel) and 44309 (tire). But this wheel design is a bit too wide. Wheels look more like rear wheels on muscle car. You can see how wide they are in sixth product image (after interior image). Its still OK for me, but If you think its too wide – use part 56904 (wheel) and 30699 (tire) instead (and you will lose gold color). Or you can check out some other unofficial wheel designs or custom colors.

This model is not a Technic style model, and it does NOT have working suspension, steering, etc.

Several parts used in this model are discontinued by modern LEGO sets, so in bricklink or any other shop they will often appear as used parts (most of them are available also as new, but since they are from older sets, they can be really expensive, so just choose used parts). Most longer parts can be replaced with shorter ones (like 1×12 part with two 1×6  parts) without affecting structural integrity.

If you want to use this model as base for other Impreza – it can be build in other colors as long as wheel arches, hinge parts are available in that color.

Model itself is similar in size as LEGO Fiat 500 set – its a bit less wide and not as tall, but its longer.


LEGO Subaru Impreza 22B STi MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– All parts are openable, full interior
– simple design for its scale, no rare or expensive parts (several parts are from older sets and can be expensive if you will buy them as new)
– total 750 parts from 153 lots, all parts will cost around $100

*Because of larger file size if you experience trouble downloading instructions, contact me – I will then send you everything directly in E-mail
*Because of many instruction pages my PDF file is bit compressed in quality. You can also contact me and I will send my source single image files for each step in a bit more sharper quality

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.