LEGO Porsche 911 Carrera RS instructions. This model uses almost the same design as my 911 Classic, with different colors and small design changes in front bumper and few other parts.
Some design limitations: if you look at second render – inside part near the headlights at the top (where the curved part ends) does not fully connect with other body panels, and create a small gap (see this on passenger side in my render). I don’t think there is way to remove that. That rounded part can be replaced with straight 1×1 parts with 1×1 slopes, and that will reduce the gap, but not completely eliminate it. But it will make that shape too square, so I think my version is the best way to deal with this. But its not really noticeable and does not affect the structural integrity. And design around headlights area is not very strong (depending on your part quality, but headlight part with hinge will push everything in place and secure anyway). You can avoid this by using two slope parts 15068 with two 1×2 plates 3023 instead. These new parts will replace 61409 parts in my design. But this technique will create a little bit bigger gaps because of curvature. These alternative parts are NOT included in main model source file or part list files. But this option will be mentioned again in instruction page.

In this design everything can be opened – hood, doors and rear engine cover. It can be build in several LEGO colors, as it uses mostly standard parts. Most important parts that will define the possible color choices are hinges and wheel arches.

LEGO Porsche 911 Carrera RS MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– everything opens, hood, doors and engine cover. full interior and engine (engine is not super detailed, because of very limited amount of room available in rear engine bay)
– not very complicated design for its shape and features. no very rare or expensive parts are used. but some parts are discontinued from modern sets
– total 698 parts from 159 lots, all parts will cost around $100 (or more expensive if some of the discontinued parts are ordered as new, so better chose them as used)

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.