LEGO Jeep Wrangler YJ Instructions. This model represents first generation Wrangler Sahara. Because of front end design hood is not openable (and because of that – also no engine). Any solution that would allow openable hood would ruin my clean design. Even if I do openable hood – because of wheel arches and the way parts are placed for front grille there is very little room in engine compartment – less than 4 studs wide. So engine compartment in my design is empty to not waste any parts (and money). Only doors can be opened. And because at this scale and price you would expect that everything opens – I reduced price for this design.

Roof can be removed (although its not designed to be removed as one part, because in same places its connected very strong (like on windshield part). But you can remove the roof and roll bar is already there. (you can see how it would look in fourth render). When roof is removed there are some exposed studs visible – if you want to cover them you will need to get additional tiles (NOT included in my part list and source files) – two 1×4 tiles and two 1×3 tiles for vehicle body AND two 1×4 tiles, one 1×2 tile, and two 1×1 tiles for windshield (if you want to add tiles to cover studs on windshield, I’m still not sure if I like windshield with or without them better). Tiles should be in vehicle color.

This model is similar in size (but a little bit smaller) as LEGO Fiat 500 set ,and it can be build in other colors easily, most parts are very common and available in most colors.

I imagine a common question would be – if this can be converted to other Wrangler models with round headlights? (TJ, JK, JL models) And I think the answer is no. At this scale 1×1 round headlight part is too small. And 2×2 round headlight part would be too big. But larger 2×2 headlight is somewhat closer to older CJ series look. So CJ Jeep designs are possible.

LEGO Jeep Wrangler YJ MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– only doors open, no engine, roof can be removed
– simple enough design, no rare or expensive parts (several parts are from older sets and can be expensive if you will buy them as new)
– total 538 parts from 126 lots, all parts will cost around $80

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.