LEGO Dodge A100 Pickup instructions. Unlike my all other creator expert scale models this model don’t have any opening parts. This is because of design. Current side shape doesn’t allow me to add opening doors and without opening doors, and there is no reason to add only opening tailgate (This design is the most realistic design I have for A100 series vehicles, and don’t want to compromise it by adding opening parts).
So I priced this model cheaper than other expert scale models. Interestingly its still expensive enough in parts, similarly to other models that have opening parts, engine and full interiors.
You can easily convert this model to Dodge Little Red Wagon. I also experimented with passenger van van cargo van versions, but current windscreen made the proportions a bit wrong (although its not really noticeable in pickup truck shape). If you want to build A100 vans, better replace windscreen and windows parts with something else for correct shape (I’m not sure if there are other transparent parts that can be used, most likely you will need to use plates/tiles as pillars).

LEGO Dodge A100 Pickup MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– NO opening parts, and because of that very basic interior, also NO engine
– simple to build design for its size, some parts like windshields are getting rare
– total 558 parts from 132 lots, all parts will cost around $100

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.