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LEGO Jeep CJ7 Instructions. This model represents very simple configuration –  without roof and doors. Basically this design is more like source for all other possible configurations. Because of my front end design hood is not openable (since hood can’t be opened there is also no engine).  And as you can see in render – there are no doors also. So this design does not have anything that can be opened, and because of that – price for instructions is reduced to be lower than everything else at this scale. And also because of that this might be my cheapest Creator Expert scale model to build – all parts will cost around $50. You can add openable doors, and hardtop. I don’t think its possible to add opening hood for this design (its possible, but design needs to be changed, and I never liked alternatives, because this is the most clean design of all versions I had).

At base of rollbar I have hinge part, that allow rollbar to be tilted. Current design does not allow any movement because hinge part is squeezed between front seats and inside of rear wheel arches. But if you want to have rollball tilted backwards like its in real life, you will need to either remove some parts of inside arches, and change them a little bit smaller, but that will create small visible gap inside arch. My design preference was to keep the arch filled, but I think either choice looks good enough. Or you can modify rollbar design and move hinge part higher, so its above the wheel arche and then tilt only top part of bar.

This model is similar in size (but a little bit smaller) as LEGO Fiat 500 set ,and it can be build in other colors easily.

LEGO Jeep CJ7 MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– Nothing can be opened, no engine
– simple design, no rare or expensive parts 
– total 498 parts from 116 lots, all parts will cost around $50

What You Will Get With Your Purchase
What You Will Get With Your Purchase
I offer digital instructions only. You will get the following files:
  • PDF Step by Step instruction file
  • .xlsx part list file
  • Studio 2 (.io) source file you can use to view model in 3d view and upload part list to
  • Text with will all necessary information about using instructions, part lists and source file
Where to get the parts?
My first recommendation is Its the post popular place to buy new and used LEGO parts, my source file is designed to be compatible with Bricklink Studio 2 software and part lists can be imported in your account making ordering all parts very fast & easy.  You can also use LEGO Pick a Brick service, eBay, Amazon or other sites. Any Questions? Send me a message!

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