Instructions for LEGO Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 69 muscle car. This model represents coupe body style version, but it can be easily converted to convertible (just remove the roof and cover exposed studs, if you want more advanced model, use some angled parts to make something that looks like folded roof around rear part of the cockpit). There are other models that require more changed in body design, when converting to convertible versions, but this is not one of them.

Model itself is not super easy, but not very complex to build also. There are some a bit tricky parts, like front end design. Everything else is pretty straightforward. There are no opening parts. One reason is that my current windscreen positions means that when you design this model with opening doors, bottom side of windscreen will be very visible. So to avoid that, no opening doors. And because front and rear end designs require to fill most of the engine bay/boot with parts to make that design happen, there is no reason to add opening hood/boot.

I also designed whole family of first generation Firebirds. In different colors, body styles and specification. I think I will not publish remaining versions (since they look very similar), but if you are interested getting other versions – send me a message!

LEGO Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 69 Model info:
– 8 stud wide
– semi detailed interior
– average complexity design (mostly because of the front)
– no opening parts
– total 321 parts needed from 98 lots, all parts will cost around $77. But actually almost $30 of all cost is these black Technic gears I’m using inside wheels (part 6589). This part is rare and expensive (something around $5-8 per piece, and you will need 4) You can just use simple black/silver/white wheels and save at least $30 on this model. But I really like this more expensive version.

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.