Instructions for LEGO Pierce Dash pumper. I’m not really sure which model year truck this model represents, definitely some latter versions, something after 2010. This model is designed (in both color scheme and appearance) after real vehicle from one of US fire departments, but I lost my source image, and can’t find it again.

This model features semi detailed interior, but no opening parts (I chose to not add any opening parts since that would make this already expensive model more expensive). Also the middle area where the switches, dials, hoses are located are very simple, since I don’t really know yet much about fire truck functionality, and what smalls details I need add where. So that area is very simple, but can be easily modified to add realistic switches and dials if needed.

Also unusually for my models, this model have some empty spaces inside. Because its so big, I wanted to save some $ on parts for this design, and make instructions a bit shorter, so in instruction steps you will see that some parts are placed over empty spaces. You of course, once you see that, you can fill these places with extra bricks, but that don’t really change anything, nothing is visible from outside, and empty spaces don’t change structural integrity of the model. Just be prepared that not everything inside is filled.

Also to keep instructions shorter, I placed some larger parts on each other, which I don’t usually want to to do, like 2×8 plates on top of each other (usually you don’t want to stack same plate on top of each other, especially the larger ones, because it will make everything more difficult to take apart, and larger plates may crate some larger gaps. This can be solved by replacing second plate with smaller/different size parts, but that will make instructions way more longer and complex. And I don’t want to do that. So this is another aspect where you maybe want to make same adjustments.

 LEGO Pierce Dash pumper MOC info:
– 8 stud wide
– realistic design
– semi detailed interior
– no opening parts (but in theory this model can be modified with opening parts added)
– no rare parts needed
– total 565 parts from 115 lots, all parts will cost around $74

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.