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LEGO Ford Explorer Police Interceptor instructions. This model represents sixth generation (2020) model in white unmarked color scheme. This design can be also used as base for civilian Explorer (Explorer ST would be the closest match). At this moment I’m not sure if I want to do civilian version as separate model, since it would look almost the same as this.

Rear windows use trans-black slope part 3039 which is rare, although not expensive. As alternative you can use trans-clear parts for all windows (this slope part is way more common in trans-clear color), or just use full size windshield part in the back (for that side windows would also need to be changed to match size of bigger rear window).

Black 1×1 bracket part 36841 is also relatively new at this point, in this color it started to appear only in 2020, so its still uncommon. But it should appear in more sets starting 2021. This design uses 2 of these parts – in rear bumper. Both parts can be replaced with two 1×2 bracket 99781 parts, but for that you will need to modify chassis plates a bit.

LEGO Ford Explorer Police Interceptor MOC info:
– 6 stud wide
– same scale as official LEGO City/Speed Champions models
– simple design, can be built from mostly standard LEGO parts (except more rare color rear window part and 1×1 bracket part)
– seating for 2 minifigures
– total 240 parts from 73 lots, all parts will cost around $20

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.