LEGO Ford Bronco 2021 2-door Instructions. This model represents new sixth generation 2021 Bronco 2-door version in cyber orange color. Design is based on my old 74 Bronco, although almost everything is modified and whole body shape is different. This model is 12 studs wide, so its very similar in size as LEGO Fiat 500 (Set: 10271). Hood and tailgate can be opened, and you can add or remove roof, and add or remove doors. Roof can’t be added on existing roll bars, so you will need to remove roll bars and then add roof. Part list and instructions will have everything included. You can check out how this model looks with roof in my render images. Its fine, but I think, just like real thing this design looks best without roof and doors. Also about doors- they are designed to be removed, so no door hinges (that would ruin the design, or make you rebuild that section each time you want to add/remove doors), also in this color there are no hinges I can use with this design. So you can display this model with doors or without doors, but they can’t be opened.

This design will work with most colors, as it uses very common standard pieces, there are no rare parts. The only compromise I did with this design is –  It doesn’t have black wheel arches. I tried many different ways to included them, but none worked. Maybe at some point later with new parts/new colors this can be solved. Also without that much source images available my engine design is not based on real engine, but rather some generic engine design.

LEGO Ford Bronco 2021 2-door MOC info:
– 12 stud wide
– Hood, and tailgate can be opened. Roof and doors can be added. Full interior. Simple engine. 
– simple enough design for its size, some parts like windshield and hinges are no longer in production, but still available for now
– total 591 parts from 112 lots, all parts will cost around $100

You will get Bricklink source file that can be used to find parts automatically on LEGO part marketplaces like
And PDF format instruction file.