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Cadillac US President Limo ‘The Beast’

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LEGO Cadillac US President Limo The Beast Instructions. This model represents limousine used in 2009-2018. Real example is custom built model, that features elements from different Cadillac models. My LEGO version is based on Cadillac DTS.  Because I wanted this model to have 4 stud wide roof design and also to feature side windows (to look like real example with small side windows) second minifigure (passenger) is seated sideways. In theory it would be possible to seat minifigure in usual direction, but then I would need to design a empty space below side window around minifigures shoulder line, and that means, car would need to be build around minifigure. Also because of that there is not detailed interior.

LEGO Cadillac US President Limo The Beast MOC info:
– 6 stud wide
– medium complexity design, no rare parts needed (although these black wheel arches are more expensive than other colors)
– seating for 2 minifigures
– total 226 parts from 54 lots, all parts will cost around $32

What You Will Get With Your Purchase
What You Will Get With Your Purchase
I offer digital instructions only. You will get the following files:
  • PDF Step by Step instruction file
  • .xlsx part list file
  • Studio 2 (.io) source file you can use to view model in 3d view and upload part list to
  • Text with will all necessary information about using instructions, part lists and source file
Where to get the parts?
My first recommendation is Its the post popular place to buy new and used LEGO parts, my source file is designed to be compatible with Bricklink Studio 2 software and part lists can be imported in your account making ordering all parts very fast & easy.  You can also use LEGO Pick a Brick service, eBay, Amazon or other sites. Any Questions? Send me a message!

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